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(pers. “ریواس”, ri·vās: „RHUBARB“)

In the creation myth of ancient Persia, the history of the Rivass plant symbolizes the beginning of humanity. According to legend, there was a prehistoric and genderless primitive man named Keyumars, from whose grave a Rivass plant grew. Of the many branches, two so intertwined that they appeared as an inseparable and harmonious whole. This later became the first human couple, Mashia and Mashiāne. As a first human act they began to think and then decided to reach out and join hands in promoting good in the world.

Persian Tapas





Do you know Persian tapas? “Mazeh” – smaller dishes that you can eat as a starter or snack or, similar to Spanish tapas, can also be ordered as a main dish.

Sambusa with minced meat and parsley, aubergines with mint or yogurt-wrapped spinach strips are just a few examples of the many delicacies that you can enjoy in the Rivass.

In addition to a fixed selection, our tapas menu always offers changing tapas, which we vary according to the season.

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